Mozusa Portable Air Purifier

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  • Only 30g, extremely lightweight, no burden to wear
  • Removal of carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 with a removal rate of 99.9%
  • Removal of deadly pollutants and formaldehyde removal rate of 99.9%
  • Each cubic centimeter can produce 22 million negative ions
  • It can be used for 15 hours after fully charged
  • Exclusive negative ion vortex jet technology can produce an ion barrier to prevent pollen, fine suspended particles and harmful substances from approaching the body surface
  • Zero electromagnetic waves, zero noise and no harmful ozone
  • Suitable for people with hay fever, asthmatics, passive smokers aversion, long-term riders, people who often suffer from insomnia, people who are prone to anxiety, people who use 3C for a long time, flying or other public transportation
  • Obtained certification from Japan Remote Infrared Application Research Association
  • Made in Japan